Who Are Meglio?

Working with the NHS

At Meglio, we stock an extensive range of premium products including, resistance bands, kinesiology tape and acupuncture needles; crafted by physiotherapists, for physiotherapists. After being awarded a contract with the NHS to supply physiotherapy products, we now provide hospitals right across the UK with our products. Meglio are now a recognised and approved supplier within the NHS, with all Meglio products available on NHS supply chain. As a leading supplier of resistance bands in the UK, we now provide over 14,000 46m rolls a year to the NHS and private practices to keep them stocked. As both the manufacturer and distributor of our products, we firmly believe we won’t be beaten on price or quality.


Working with physiotherapists

Our products work in perfect harmony with physiotherapy, ensuring quick and safe recovery. With innovative design, our portable products help those with less flexibility to keep their recovery on track. Additionally, to complement our range of products, we have created a range of free training and exercise materials including professional videos; helping to support patients during their rehabilitation and recovery. Every week over 6000 1.2m solo resistance bands are given out to patients, each one referring them to watch Meglio exercise videos as part of their recovery. 


Team Meglio

Team Meglio

Welcome to Team Meglio! With health and fitness truly based at the heart of our association, we were determined to develop our passion into an Official Team, incorporating members across a variety of competitive sports. Since introducing Team Meglio to the world, we have expanded our passion for cycling into an Official British Cycling Club along with having our very own triathlon event, Meglio Conquer The Chilterns, running later this year.

At Meglio, we are always looking for new members to join the team. Whether you have ambitions to win gold at the Olympics, become the fastest 50m freestyle swimmer or, if you’re looking to get back into fitness after an injury, we want to hear your story and your targets. We are looking for members based on their overall devotion to their sport and of course, passion for Meglio! If you would like to find out more about becoming an Official Meglio Athlete, click here and say hi.



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